Find the Best Scrapbooking Supplies Online

You already know that there are more places to buy scrapbooking supplies online than you can fit into a scrapbook. It takes less than a second to narrow down those places to those that have a good price. But there’s more to it than that, so what I want to do is give you some practical advice on some different strategies for buying supplies online, rather than at your next crops.

Know What you Want

In other words, know your brands. If you like Tim Holtz  materials, you can find them at a wide variety of places online. The only drawback of this approach is that you are limited to what you already know. The most valuable scrapbooking item you can find online is a new idea, and those are harder to get if you are not willing to do a little exploring.

Facebook Groups

Is there anything more enjoyable than sharing something new with someone you know will just love to see it? That is why Facebook groups exist! Scrapbooking groups share new ideas and product information at an astonishing rate. They are the perfect place to learn about new brands and new products. It’s old fashioned word-of-mouth for the internet age.

Online sites of Regular Stores

Michaels, Jo-Ann , Walmart and others have brick-and-mortar stores where you can check out the touch and feel of things you like online. It works almost as well the other way around, but the problem is that when you find something in the store you like, why wait to go home and buy it online?

Scrapbooking Clubs

Find scrapbooking kit clubs. Kit clubs like Club Scrap bring both the ideas and the materials together into a single site. There are nice blogs that explain in detail how to do the project and have the materials used in the project available for purchase. The process works by way of a monthly membership, but you can cancel at any time.

Host a Party Businesses

Like other fun items, scrapbooking materials are sold by hostesses that would love to get you and your friends to come over together. They work online too! Close to my Heart  and Stampin’ Up  are two examples of sites that sell you a complete kit, just like in the clubs, but with the added value of a personal representative. The representative is someone who is into scrapbooking and can make suggestions, put together special packages or just offer advice. One of the most valuable things they do is offer ideas on what to do with the scrap material from a project.
Check out one of the sites and get the materials and ideas you need for some great scrapbooking projects!