Craft Ways to Make your Office Prettier

Let’s face it, not all of us are gifted with the skills to setup an office and make it look prettier. Yet we still have to do our best because we always wanted to make our workplace as beautiful as possible. It even add ups to your ability to work efficiently if your office is clean and well-designed.

So, what if you don’t really have that artistic hands to do all the decorating and designing tricks? Well, there’s always a good way to learn new things. As long as you have the eagerness and the willingness to make your office prettier and pleasing to the eyes.

The Design

When it comes to office design, you don’t have to go overboard. You still need to make it to look as professional as possible. Remember, you aren’t designing a party place and most of all, it’s not a bedroom. You make it to suit your office motif and theme. Depending on your business niche, you can start from there. So start thinking about the theme.

After knowing you base, then it’s time for you to plan out the entire design. Check out the furniture around, the tables, best office chair or even the windows. You can always utilize the window for some great effects. You also need to arrange all your office stuff like your pens, post its, scissors, staplers, etc.  They all should be arranged and kept properly.

You also have to think about the color coordination. Most offices will base their color choice on their brand or company flagship color. Don’t put too much color combinations, or it will look too crowded for the eyes. And remember, you don’t need to spend too much or you don’t need everything to be new and expensive. With a little creativity, you can come up with crafts that you can use.

Simple Crafts

Use mason jars. You can use mason jars to keep some of your office supplies such as pens, clips and scissors.  To make it more artistic, you can always tie a ribbon or pick up colored jars. Arrange them properly in a box or a rack.

Shoe boxes. Do you have all your shoe boxes piling up at home? Well you sure can use them to organize and store your paper stuff. Having tons of storage is the key to have a clutter-free and pretty office ambiance. Use spray paint of your color choice and spray it all over the box. You can label them for you to know what’s inside. And put them on top of each other.

Plants. Truly, you really need a touch of nature and a good source of oxygen in the office. So you need to have small beautiful, colourful pots of plants placed around. As they said, you will never go wrong with plants as a décor.

There are still too many craft and design ideas that you do for your office. You can even watch some DIY videos if you are willing to learn and follow. Keep your office pretty and pleasing to the eyes that way, you can work better and your clients too.